Pylon + Passepartout

Temporary Art Center

Painting & Rubber Installation


Pylon is 50 feet of blue silicone sheet rubber that swags, sweeps, and cascades across the large vacuous warehouse. This highly gestural installation suspends midair on the nearly invisible wire reminiscent of a staircase or even “power lines” — one of the title’s dictionary entries. Pylon also means “gateway” or “narrow strait of water”, which are possible takeaways from the heavenly arrangement and the watery blue color of the rubber. 

The 8 x 6’ painting, Passepartout shrinks to an intimate size on the expanse of the brick wall where it hangs. 70’s Minimalism is evident through the use of challenging, warm earth tones and geometric gradation. And, this ever-darkening color play creates a narrowing center that falls deeper and farther away from the viewer.

The long black slit of the center suggests feminine body parts and the narrow arches, phallic covenants. The translation of passepartout, “master-key” or “passes everywhere”, amplifies the messages in the painting as an autonomous and androgynous monument.

Getting up close to the material, the linen is fuzzy and the paint absorbs deep into the fabric to produce a dry, matte surface that is in direct contrast to the highly reflective shine of Pylon.

Project is a group show curated by Scott Ingram.

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